Bloody & Bluedy intro by The Replicants

A remake of Bloody & Bluedy intro by The Replicants (Atari STF), released on july 1988.

The Replicants’ story began in july 1988. Two french crews, Hackers Of The Arena (HOFA) and A-Team, and a swapper, Ninja which was the only members of his crew (Shogun) decided to join forces to make the best cracking crew in France : The Replicants (this name was found by Ninja/Shogun).

This has been celebrated by this little intro, the first ever release of The Replicants !

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Thoroughly stable rasters in only 128 bytes !

At the beginning of 1988, SYNC released a screen meant to showcase flicker-free rasters, named SYNC.PRG.

Here is my fullscreen tribute (working on Atari STF/STE), as a contribution to the Silly Venture 2k16 demoparty that took place in Gdansk (Poland) on november 12th 2016.

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