Hemoroids is one of the most renowned French demo group on Atari ST. After a very long break Hemoroids returned back on the scene in 2013, and I joined them in march 2019.


Effect is a demo and compact disc group on Atari ST. It produces in particular the Industrially safe demodisk series.


CODEF aka Canvas Oldshool Demo Effect Framework, is a an open source framework that makes it easy to build demos-like animations that run in a web browser (Google Chrome is prefered). Join the Codef wizards on the Facebook group.

CODEF » We Are Back (WAB)

The official CODEF demo gallery. A site where a variety of old school demo screens have been recreated with the CODEF framework, maintained by Antoine “Nonameno” Santo

CODEF » Karl Cullen

Mellow Man’s CODEF HTML5 demo blog, and a huge collection of CODEF screens (including the whole So Watt Demo from TCB, and The Union Demo). See the whole gallery.


ST NEWS was an Atari ST/TT/Falcon multimedia disk magazine, made by Richard Karsmakers and Stefan Posthuma from the summer of 1986 to the summer of 1996.

From Sept 2015 to June 2016 I handled the conversion of almost 1800 articles from the atari disk-mag closed format to a more modern and open HTML5 format, as well as the CODEF remake of some of the demoscreens from the original issues.

The completely overhauled website is now available online, with all the goodies from the past (articles, demos, musics, scrollers, source-code, and bonus stuff) available on your browser!


Sommarhack is a small Atari-centric demo party with a very relaxed atmosphere. The party takes place in Grådö alongside the river Dalälven in Dalarna, Sweden.

Silly Venture

Silly Venture is a maverick and unconventional event, dedicated to every fan of Atari products. It is one of the biggest international events dedicated to our favourite Atari platforms.