Let’s Do The Twist Again by ST Connexion

Hi ! Here comes the remake from the screen “Let’s Do The Twist Again” by ST Connexion, released in the Punish Your Machine demo by Delta Force (Atari ST, 1991)

It was one of the very rare screens by ST Connexion (their first one since 1989), and is a technical masterpiece, featuring “4-bit syncscroller” for the first (and only time) on the ST, a technic that allowed to shift the screen by increments of 4 pixels, whereas a “classic” syncscroller had a 16 px accuracy.

Alien of ST Connexion did a series of articles about overscan in ST Magazine, a French publication, that were partially translated in Alive diskmag 9 & 11.

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Sprite Record by Leonard / Oxygene

Here comes my remake of the 312 Sprite Record by Leonard/Oxygene, on Atari ST.

In the beginning (1989), The Carebears made a screen showing 134 16×16 2-bitplanes sprites. It was the beginning of a contest which still continues today, which consists in displaying the most possible sprites in a single VBL. Leonard is currently the record holder.

More infos on this contest

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