I did a few demos for the Atari ST and Falcon computers back in the 1990's.

If you have an interest for this kind of old nostalgia then you can download my demos here.

To view them on a modern computer you need an Atari ST emulator, such as Hatari or Steem.

Here is my contribution to the Sommarhack 2017 demoparty that took place in Grådö (Sweden) on july 8th 2017.

Back in 1990, Delta Force released the legendary Syntax Terror megademo for the Atari ST. The Big Border demo screen was coded by Chaos Inc and it's main characteristics was the tiny 96*54 pixel screen size.

In the Syntax Terror Big Border Revisited competition, Sommarhack organizers imposed the following rules :

  • The demo is limited to a 96*54 area, centered on the screen
  • No rasterbars outside of the 96*54 area
  • Must work on 512k RAM
  • Must work on Atari ST


Thoroughly stable rasters in only 128 bytes !

At the beginning of 1988, SYNC released a screen meant to showcase flicker-free rasters, named SYNC.PRG.

Here is my fullscreen tribute (working on Atari STF/STE), as a contribution to the Silly Venture 2k16 demoparty that took place in Gdansk (Poland) on november 12th 2016.

Finished 2nd in the 128 Kb Commodore 128 Times Revisited compo, at the ST News International Christmas Coding Convention (STNICCC) 2015 party.

Runs on a standard 520 STF with only 512K memory.

This intro displays on the screen several parts of different parametric curves.

An effect in less than 512 bytes. This is a fractal landscape generated using a technique called spacial subdivision.

An effect in less than 128 bytes. This starfield is a palette effect, that is to say you obtain this effect by changing the palette each VBL.


This screen a pseudo sphere-mapping which only use 68030 : the code was done 2 years ago and it's a really crappy one. The Dsp is only used by the Replay routine. The sphere is about 200 pixels high and the screen is running in 2 Vbl.

A cracktro I made in 1993/1994 for Euroswap, an Atari ST cracking and compact disc group.

A cracktro I made in 1993/1994 for Euroswap, an Atari ST cracking and compact disc group.

This is a demo released at the Place To Be party 1993 that took place in Mont-de-Marsan, France, on 3rd to 5th August 1993.