The Var_Dump class is a wrapper for the var_dump function.

The var_dump function displays structured information about expressions
that includes its type and value. Arrays are explored recursively with values
indented to show structure.

The Var_Dump class captures the output of the var_dump function, by using
output control functions, and then uses external renderer classes for displaying
the result in various graphical ways :

  • Simple text
  • HTML/XHTML text
  • HTML/XHTML table
  • XML

PHP4 version

$ svn checkout Var_Dump

PHP5 version

$ hg clone [directory]

PEAR Channel

You can also have a look at the Aldabase PEAR channel server. There you can find a few packages written some time ago :

  • HTTP_Negotiation : for content negotiation
  • Image_Crop : for image croping/resizing
  • Registry : for storing data
  • Sendmail : for quick and easy mail use
  • Utility_Charset : for charsets manipulation
  • Utility_HTTP : for HTTP headers manipulation
  • etc...

See the list of available classes