This is a remake of the Big Screen by Overlanders (European Demos, Atari, 1991) with Codef.

Enjoy !

This is a remake of the Mega Full O Soundtrack O Sprites O Hard O Plot O Screen by Overlanders (European Demos, Atari, 1991) with Codef.

Enjoy !


Today i finished this remake of the the Bootsector from the Transbeauce 2 Demo (Disk 1, Atari STF, 1991) with Codef.

It was coded by Belzebub/ST-Connexion, and was a great technical achievement, with a great waving effect in fullscreen and less than 512b !

Enjoy !

Today i finally finished my remake of the classic ULM's Parallax Distorter screen from the Dark Side Of The Spoon demo on Atari STF.

I loved it since the first time I saw it, back in 1991, for me this is the best fullscreen scroller ever done on Atari !

Enjoy !



Sokoban (from the japanese "warehouse keeper") is a type of transport puzzle, in which the player pushes boxes or crates around in a warehouse, trying to get them to storage locations.

This game is my first experiment with HTML5 Canvas.

I've submitted my code to JS1K (JavaScript 1KB) 2013-spring contest.

My submission is a parallax scroller with multiple repeating background layers composited on a single canvas : Starfield, Fractal mountains, IFS trees.

This intro displays on the screen several parts of different parametric curves.

An effect in less than 512 bytes. This is a fractal landscape generated using a technique called spacial subdivision.

An effect in less than 128 bytes. This starfield is a palette effect, that is to say you obtain this effect by changing the palette each VBL.



This screen a pseudo sphere-mapping which only use 68030 : the code was done 2 years ago and it's a really crappy one. The Dsp is only used by the Replay routine. The sphere is about 200 pixels high and the screen is running in 2 Vbl.